The property is currently closed to all rentals

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Victoria McGuiness from Portland, Oregon states “I recently spent 1 week with my husband and teenaged son and daughter at Skyborne Country House.  It was a most exhilarating experience.  The drive from the airport to the property was a most exciting tour in itself.  Local breakfast was a culinary delight.  A quiet retreat for those who love this type of vacation.”

Jermaine Dobson from Birmingham, England, “I wanted a secluded venue to spend a few days with my wife and her sister.  Skyborne was the perfect place. We enjoyed it.”

Dorothy from Toronto, Canada “I was one of a group of six who spent five days at Skyborne Country House.  We were a church group and attended a local church.  We enjoyed the accommodation including the local complimentary breakfast of ackee and salt fish. We will return next year.

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